Student Support Services

Student Enrollment Flow (New and Returning Students)

student enrollment flow for new and returning students

This department was created with the goal in mind to assist with the holistic support of all students at South Cape TVET College. Some of the services include:



  • Pre-entry assessments are conducted in order to assist students in making the correct career choice.
  • During their studies work readiness programmes takes place to make sure all graduating students are ready for the professional work environment.
  • Life-skills workshops developed by MOT is presented on all campuses by trained Student Support Officers.
  • Exit-support is rendered to students needing it upon the conclusion of their studies at South Cape TVET College.



  • South Cape TVET College offers free and confidential counselling services to students on all campuses.
  • Confidential sessions is available to all students struggling with emotional or personal issues.



  • Health and wellness services are offered on a quarterly basis at all campuses.
  • Students can test blood-pressure, TB status, HIV status, blood-sugar levels and do family planning.
  • Session on drug & alcohol abuse is conducted to make sure students are aware of the dangers involved.



  • All student activities is coordinated through this department.
  • Sport activities such as athletics, rugby, soccer and netball is available on all campuses and campuses compete against each other on a regular basis.
  • Annual student events such as Mr & Miss Campus, The Valentine’s Ball and Year End Functions takes place at each campus.
  • Students are also part of charitable outreaches throughout the year.
  • The orientation programme takes place after registration for all new students in order to familiarize them with their new study environment.



  • The SRC is elected by the students to represent them on various platforms
  • The Student Support Officer facilitates the election process.
  • The Student Support Officer also mentor’s the elected council and supervises the SRC activities throughout the year.



  • This valuable arm of the Student Support Services department provides on-going curriculum based support to all students.
  • English and Mathematics is two of the focus points for all the South Cape TVET College Campuses.
  • Winter and spring schools are organised if and when requested by the campuses academic department.
  • Academic Support is also responsible and critical in the early identification and intervention with at risk students.



  • As a TVET college student you could be required to complete practical workplace experience.
  • The College cannot guarantee placement but will try to assist students by linking them to job opportunities.



  • All students must achieve a class attendance of at least 80% and truancy officers plays a vital role with regards to this.
  • Truancy Officers will follow up with students who has been absent to ascertain the reason and to make sure they return to class as soon as possible.
  • These officers is also responsible for the house visits at personal accommodation spaces to make sure the houses adhere to the College’s criteria.