Beaufort West Campus

Mr Whaleed Abdullah: Beaufort West Campus Head

Whaleed is responsible for the execution of operational plans and the effective management of Beaufort West Campus. His professional accomplishments are in obtaining a B.Com Honours at UWC and he wrote a textbook; “Human Resources Management” which was published by Heinemann Publishers.

He is passionate about fighting injustice and helping people overcome poverty through education. He believes in treating others with respect and dignity regardless of their social standing, education, religion, race, cultural background or income level.

In his private time, he is keen on action cricket and squash to keep active.

Beaufort West Campus

At 260 km away from the Central Office in George, this is the most remote Campus of South Cape TVET College. Beaufort West Campus has been declared a nodal area for development and assistance. South Cape TVET College is responding with initiatives to respond to this need.

The courses offered are an identified priority for Beaufort West Campus to empower the community by improving employability, thereby providing marketable skills that may be utilized by business and industry.

Not only will skills training empower the local community by improving their employability through entrepreneurial possibilities created by many of SCC’s courses, but students may also be able to become self-employed. They may eventually be in a position to develop self-sustainable enterprises and become employers in their own right thereby contributing to the reduction of unemployment in Beaufort West.

Programmes offered at Beaufort West Campus
NCV (Level 2 – 4)
Report 191 (N4 –N6)
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